Robo Sport - Sports robotics

"Robo Sport" courses are a unique offer for children who are fond of robotics and dream of becoming real champions in sports competitions. As part of the course, students receive the necessary skills and knowledge to participate in robotics competitions, including such types as "Sumo", "Following the Line", "Labyrinth" and many others.

Students not only learn about existing robot designs, but also create their own, program them and learn how to set them up for various competitions. In addition, Robo Sport courses help children develop logical thinking, strengthen practical skills and form a team spirit.

Participation in robotics competitions also helps children build confidence in themselves and their abilities, as well as develop perseverance and resourcefulness. Courses are available for both boys and girls and help children develop an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). Together with qualified teachers, children can unleash their full creative potential and achieve impressive results in the world of robotics.

In addition, the most talented and motivated students who have completed preparatory courses and demonstrated a high level of knowledge and skills can get the opportunity to prepare for participation in prestigious international competitions in robotics.

Our students have repeatedly won prizes in their nominations at such competitions, which indicates the high level of training and professionalism of our coaches and students.