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Develop imagination, logic and creativity

Introduce the principles of design and creation of mechanisms

Develop fine motor skills, enrich vocabulary and communication skills

Help to learn how to solve complex problems, develop abstract thinking

Introduces the laws of mathematics and physics and allows you to see their work in action

Teach to observe and concentrate, the child gains independence, perseverance and patience

Teach the basics of algorithmization and building programs when programming robots

Learn to work in a team


Educational center for children's robotics

Children's robotics educational center "Imdatbot" is the first educational institution of such a profile in Turkmenistan. Our Center opened its doors in 2019.

License of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan

We have a license from the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan. Upon successful completion of the robotics courses, students receive a state-recognized certificate. We have a license from the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan. Upon successful completion of the robotics courses, students receive a state-recognized certificate.

Certified teachers

Our teachers are certified by the manufacturer of robotic kits "Makeblock".

STEAM methodology

Classes in our center are conducted using the methodology of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) education .

Fully equipped classrooms

Our classrooms are fully equipped with the necessary equipment, each child is allocated a personal computer, a robot and learning tools from the world leader in educational robotics - Makeblock.

International awards

Our students are prize winners in different nominations of the MakeX Spark 2022 international robotics competition, under the guidance of our teachers, 5 teams of 2 people each participated in the competition, and despite the fact that they took part in this kind of competition for the first time, our students achieved some success and recognition.

A promising future for your children

Thanks to our courses, children acquire skills in both designing and programming robots, which in the future opens up prospects for further study and employment for them.



Antonina Mommayeva

Position: Senior Lecturer
Education: Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute of Ukraine, mining engineer-geologist.
Work experience: more than 10 years working with children.

Nargiza Jumakova

Education: Engineering and Technology University named after Oguz Khan, automation of control systems, teacher in the technical direction.
Experience: Lecturer at the Department of Nano and Biomedical Electronics, 3 years.

Aysenem Gylychmedova

Education: 3rd professional school in Ashgabat, Master of construction of buildings and structures.
Work experience: technician and engineer at the design institute "Turkmenkommuntaslama", working with children for 4 years.

Darya Zinkina

Education: state diploma in ICT specialty.
Work experience: internship in the areas of robotics and programming in the ES "Imdat Elektronika", experience in working with children for 2 years.

Oleg Sanjiyev

Education: Zhodino State Polytechnic College, programming courses, courses in mathematics and logical thinking.
Work experience: teaching children 3D puzzles for 5 years.


What is the minimum and maximum age category for participating in a robotics training program?

The minimum age for participation in a robotics training program may vary depending on the specific program, but is usually 4 years old. The maximum age can also vary, but is usually 14 years old.
In general, age limits for robotics training programs are set to provide the best learning experience for students of a certain age, given their developmental level and understanding of technical concepts.

What skills and knowledge will children receive after completing the course?

After completing the robotics courses, children will gain a wide range of skills and knowledge that can be useful for their future careers and personal development.

They will have skills in Scratch programming, which will allow them to create and modify simple and complex block-based programs. They will also be able to program robots using the respective platforms, which will help them understand how technology can be used to create practical solutions in the real world.

Children also develop their logical thinking, learn to analyze and solve problems using an algorithmic approach. They can work as a team, jointly developing projects and sharing knowledge and experience.

In addition, robotics courses help children develop creative thinking and imagination, which can help develop their creativity. They will also learn basic concepts of mathematics and an elementary course in electromechanics, which will help them better understand how robots and other technological devices work.

How often are classes held and what is the class schedule?

Classes are held three times a week for 1.5 hours each, and in total the course consists of 18 lessons. At the 19th lesson, a final test is conducted to test the knowledge and skills of students and evaluate their progress in the course.
Classes can be held both in the morning, after lunch, and in the evening, you can get information about the current schedule from the administration.

How many children usually participate in one group?

As a rule, from 5 to 10 children participate in one group.
This group size usually allows the teacher to work  with each student, answer their questions and provide appropriate support. At the same time, working in a small group helps children to cooperate effectively with each other, share knowledge and experience.
It should also be noted that some programs may offer a more individual approach to learning, which may require even fewer children per group.

What is the cost of the courses and are there any discounts?

The cost of the course is 2000 manat, except for the course with the mTiny robot, the cost of which is 800 manat.
Regarding discounts, we offer special promotions and discounts for new students, as well as for those who register for courses with friends or relatives.
For more information about discounts and special offers, we recommend contacting the administration or checking the "Promotions" section on the site.

Does the student need to have some experience in robotics or programming to take the course?

No, courses in robotics usually do not require prior experience in the field or knowledge of programming. Beginner-level courses are generally designed to introduce students to the basics of robotics and programming.
During the course, students will learn basic concepts and terms related to robotics, as well as gain practical skills in programming robots. The initial stages of the course, as a rule, provide training even in basic computer skills.

What programming languages are covered in the course?

Robotics courses use Scratch as the main programming language. Scratch is a programming language that is used in teaching programming to children. It provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows novice programmers to create games, animations, and other interactive projects.
While Scratch is the main programming language covered in the course, it is possible that other programming languages will be covered at more advanced levels of the course. However, it depends on the specific course and on the level of progress of students in the training program.

Are class materials provided or do children need to bring their own computer or laptop?

To participate in the classes, students do not need to have their own computer or laptop, as all the necessary equipment and materials for classes will be provided by the robotics center. 

Is your center a certified educational institution?

Yes, our educational center is a certified educational institution and has the appropriate license. The license is issued by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, and it specifies all the necessary permissions and rights to conduct courses in robotics and programming for children.
We are proud of our certificates and licenses, which confirm our qualifications and competence in teaching children about robotics and programming. Our center strives to provide only quality education and provide a safe and comfortable environment for students during classes.

Is it possible to attend the course for free or take a trial lesson?

Yes, we provide an opportunity to take a trial lesson. Our center periodically holds free lessons for everyone, where you can get acquainted with the course program, teachers and teaching methods.
To find out about free lessons or sign up for a trial lesson, you need to follow our social media accounts or go to our website and apply. Our manager will contact you to clarify the details.
We are sure that after attending our trial lesson, you will appreciate its quality and want to continue learning.

What teaching materials and methods are used in the course?

In our course, we use the teaching aids and teaching materials provided by Makeblock. Makeblock is a world leader in educational robotics kits designed specifically for children and young adults. We use Makeblock materials to provide our students with the most up-to-date and effective teaching methods for robotics and programming.
Makeblock tutorials include step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, tasks, and sample programs for various levels of difficulty. They help students quickly and easily master the basic concepts and skills in robotics and Scratch-based programming.
In addition, our teachers also use complementary materials and methods to tailor learning to the needs of each student and ensure the best possible learning experience.

How can I contact your center for more information or to enroll in a course?

To contact our center for more information, as well as to register for a course, you can use several methods:
- Call 414-252 or 414-233 and ask our specialists your questions.
- Leave a request on the website of our center, indicating your contact phone number, and our manager will contact you to clarify the details.
- Find us on social networks and send a message via messenger.
We will be happy to help you in choosing and organizing robotics training.


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