Quality Policy of the Educational Center for Children's Robotics "Imdatbot"

Aimed at the implementation and maintenance by all employees of the center of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 as a tool to achieve strategic goals.

    The main goal of the educational center "Imdatbot" is to meet the expectations of students through the continuous improvement of the educational process and the provision of high quality teaching in accordance with the expectations of the client.

Our strategy: Establishment of long-term action plans in the direction of development, improvements and fundamental changes in the educational process, attitudes towards motivating and stimulating teachers, introducing new directions.

The quality policy covers all spectrums of the ImdatBot educational center and includes the following goals:

· Increasing the competitiveness of the center by improving the content of educational programs and integrating training.

· Attracting more new, as well as retaining existing students through the development and implementation of a loyalty program;

· Increasing the motivation and qualifications of employees, as well as their full involvement in the company's work processes;

· Development of educational infrastructure, modernization of the property complex, provision of a comfortable environment for education.

        The top management of ES "Imdat Electronika", represented by the General Director and project manager of "ImdatBot" Educational center takes responsibility for the quality of services provided, providing resources to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and undertakes to ensure understanding and implementation of the Policy and Objectives in the field quality by all employees of the company.