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Description and schedule of the summer robotics camp "RoboCamp"

We invite your children to the robotics camp "ImdatBot RoboCamp", where they can get acquainted with the world of robotics and create their first projects! In two weeks of classes, they will get acquainted with the Scratch block programming language, Codey Rockey and mBot robots, and also create their own projects using the LaserBox laser machine.

At the camp, we put more emphasis on the entertainment component of education, which is available to all children, regardless of their abilities. Classes are held in a playful way so that children enjoy the learning process.

The camp program also includes robotics competitions, where children can apply all the knowledge and skills they have gained. The winners of the competition will receive gifts and medals, which will be a great memory of participating in the camp.

The camp is held from 9:00 to 13:00 for two weeks for two age groups: under 10 years old and 10 years old and over. Classes are divided into blocks of 45 minutes, each lesson is taught by different teachers so that the children do not get tired. And in order for them to strengthen, we provide a lunch with hot tea.

Summer schedule:

Season 1: May 29 - June 10
Season 2: June 12 - June 24
Season 3: July 3 - July 15
Season 4: July 17 - July 29
Season 5: July 31 - August 12
Season 6: August 14 - 26

The cost of participation in the camp "Robo Camp" is 1200 manat.
Do not miss the opportunity to spend the holidays with the benefit of your child!